somatic trauma healing

practices that use the integration of psyche (soul) + soma (body) to settle into deep awareness of internal perception and outward connection
A trauma-informed, somatic approach to healing offers the potential to explore the whole being. Somatics holds that the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are interconnected. We restore this connection between body and psyche to unlock and resolve trauma in the autonomic nervous system that causes disconnect. By working somatically, we slow down and tune into the body's language of sensation and memory.

Past and ongoing trauma can appear in the body as physical symptoms, such as:
  • chronic pain + illness
  • sluggishness + fatigue
  • hormonal challenges
  • muscular tension + holding
  • digestive challenges
  • sexual dysfunction
  • sleeping troubles
  • shortness of breath
  • headaches + migraines
  • numbness/dissociation
Somatics draws from the studies of psychology, ethology, physiology, indigenous practices, and neuroscience. It is grounded in the innate belief that the body knows how to heal and resolve trauma. The work we do is largely considered bottom up, which means that we receive direction from the body itself. Through a curiosity and compassionate approach, we follow the body's movements and sensations to release and tune into channels of resiliency.
Some techniques we may use:
  • sensory awareness + tracking
  • breathing practices
  • grounding + settling guided meditations
  • building resources for resiliency
  • titration - oscillation between distressing + calm memories/sensations
  • tension + release
  • amplification + awareness of movement
  • boundary work
  • therapeutic touch
  • self-regulation