a state of being reciprocal; action from the standpoint of the interconnectedness between Earth, community, and Spirit

My work is guided by maintaining reciprocity with my teachers, communities, and the environment. I recognize that many of the healing modalities and cultures in which I have studied, along with the indigenous land on which I live, have undergone severe abuse and appropriation through colonialism.

I preserve my relationships with the communities I have studied alongside through financial support, continuous study, and the nurturing of bonds with my teachers and their families. I have been granted permission by my teachers to work through the modalities I offer, and I greatly respect their mentorship. Every service I offer tithes to indigenous communities (Matses, Shipibo, Ute Land Trust). I also offer discounts, no questions asked, for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled/chronically ill folks. I recognize my privilege to be studying and offering indigenous modalities of healing, and I truly believe that trusting in nature's medicines can be a decolonizing tool for the healing of the world.