"My experience with Paige has been beautiful every time I work with her. She embodies the light and is a blessing to all who know her. She is very nurturing while administering plant and frog medicine. She intuitively knows how to assist each participant through their journey. I have had the great delight to do several ceremonies with Paige. I highly recommend her as a mentor and trusted guardian to assist you as you seek to discover the magic of you."


- Katie N.

kind words

"Paige was my first experience with Kambo. I was anxious prior to my first ceremony, and had NO idea what to expect from it, but the moment I initially met her, I immediately felt her energetic 'presence' and instantly felt at ease. The ceremony itself was SUPER amazing and her unique style and individualized care just added more to it all. The initial treatment was so beneficial and comfortable, I decided to get all three of the moon session cycles done in one extended weekend. All I can say is, it changed my life!"


- Lee S.

"Paige has been a bright light in my life. Her wisdom and guidance have helped me through some very challenging times. It's apparent that she has a natural gift as a healer and that her mission is to help guide other people in achieving the healing they are seeking. Every interaction I've had with her has brought about more self-awareness, self-compassion, and healing for me. I felt so much shifting, releasing, and healing in the days to follow and Paige was wonderful at supporting me in my integration process. Thank you Paige!"


- Leigh-Ann M.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Paige as a colleague. She is a kind, detailed, intelligent practitioner with a promising future in the natural wellness field. She has extensive knowledge and experience in gut healing protocols. She is experienced and detailed in the detoxification cycles of the body through various cleansing processes as well. What I admire and respect about Paige is her continued commitment to develop her talents and passions in body mind and spirit healing. It's a pleasure to have worked with her in Utah and consider her a colleague and friend."


- Juls B.