You Are the Medicine:
Kambo for Lyme + Chronic Illness
Self-Application Course

Full Moon Protocol Program:

December 11th, 2021 - 10am-2pm MST

December 12th, 2021 - 12pm-3pm MST

December 18th, 2021 - 1pm-3pm MST

December 19th, 2021 - 1pm-3pm MST

- Live Zoom Calls -

What's Included:

  • Medicine Box ($200 value): fair trade Kambo stick, manual/workbook, burning and mixing tools, blends of flower baths

  • Weekend intensive: self-application instruction, history + science of Kambo, nervous system science, breathwork, the unconscious, detoxing + support

  • Full moon weekend: 2-hr group processing sessions

  • Specialized full moon protocol with access to virtual course and additional medicines

  • Recorded healing meditations + demonstrations

  • Bioresonance scans and optimizations (Vitals, Comprehensive, + Inner Voice)​​


The Journey

My approach to Kambo as a support for chronic illness and Lyme disease draws from years of self-study and mentorship. I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease at age 7, and by the time I met Kambo, I had already tried a great number of treatments without lasting success. I learned to apply Kambo to myself and eventually to others. From this experience, I developed a highly individualized protocol for working with chronic illness, which includes supporting the self-application study of others seeking to use Kambo regularly.
Self-application training allows financial easing alongside a deep personal relationship with the body, intuition, and the medicine. I believe in access that is grounded in education, safety, integrity, ethical harvesting, and reciprocity.
The way in which I work with and educate about Kambo for chronic illness synthesizes:

  • nervous system regulation and trauma healing

  • integration of psycho-spiritual tools, multi-dimensional approaches to healing

  • ecopsychological and depth psychological connections

  • development of an intuitive trust in the body

  • a gentle movement towards purgation and rebalance

Full Moon Protocol

Our journey together will span the new to full moon as you partake in a highly specialized protocol with Kambo and other holistic, psychospiritual tools.

Intensive Weekend

We begin with an intensive weekend that will provide you with the tools you need to self-apply Kambo. See below for specific modules.

The Protocol

During our weekend together, you will receive the protocol and guidance on how to proceed. The protocol includes specific periods of self-application of Kambo, other periods of rebalancing, and an array of multidisciplinary tools to support your healing.

What's Included:

- Bioresonance - frequency assessment + optimization

- Video demonstrations and instructions on various parts of the protocol, accessed through virtual course platform: Kambo-specific detox tools, microdosing, parasite cleansing, and more

- Practices to regulate the nervous system, breathwork, meditation journeys

Group Integration Calls

The weekend following the intensive, we will meet together as a group after your self-application to integrate, breathe, answer questions, and process.

Learning Modules

Kambo - History, Science + Ethics

We begin our weekend intensive with a background into the world of Kambo. We will review Kambo's history and the amazing bioactive peptides. We will also open a discussion on ethics and how we can approach this medicine in ways that honor the Amazon, the frog, and the indigenous people who have shared Kambo.

Working with Kambo - Burning, Mixing + Self-Application

In our weekend intensive, you will learn how to burn, mix, and self-apply Kambo. We will also review self-application techniques specific for healing chronic illness.

Holistic Support + Detox

In our approach with Kambo, we will titrate between purgation and rebalancing as we support our systems and open detox pathways. We will examine various techniques, practices, and protocols that we can combine with Kambo for optimal healing.

Nervous System Science + Syndromal Representations

Psychoneuroimmumology is a newer field of study in Western medicine, but this interconnection between mind, emotions, and body is in all of our ancestry. Trauma (ancestral, collective, and personal) has a direct impact on our health. We will explore autonomic nervous system science and somatic practices to support your system's discharge and regulation.

Depth + Ecopsychological Approach to Symptoms

In depth psychology, symptoms are viewed as the language of the unconscious. When we expand this further to include the field of the Earth, we can recognize how environmental illness and symptom presentation often points us towards the very medicine we need to heal. Through embodied practices, we will explore approaches to symptoms that invite observation and dialogue with body and nature.


Learning to self-apply Kambo is an investment into your long term health future. Most facilitators charge upwards of $600 for 3 sessions, so this investment will financially ease your long term journey with Kambo and empower you to take your healing into your own hands.

Please know that supplemental products will be recommended as part of the protocol, all optional. Payment plans are available.

Basic Protocol - $650

What's Included:

  • Medicine Box ($200 value)

  • Manual/workbook

  • Weekend intensive, full moon protocol, and processing sessions

  • Access to platform with videos and recordings

Enhanced Protocol - $800

What's Included:

  • Everything in Basic Protocol, plus . . .

  • 1-month of microdosing

  • 2 additional weeks of bioresonance scans