8-Day Shipibo Master Plant + Ayahuasca Dieta

February 12-19, 2022

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico


In a time of such grief and uncertainty, what does it mean to be alive - to be human? How do we heal ourselves to be a guiding force for others?


Join us where the jungle meets the sea at the beautiful Haramara Retreat as we take these question to the plants, learning to alchemize our pain and drop our walls so that we can stand strong in the light. Our Shipibo Maestro Onánya, Pablo, will be journeying to Mexico to open short dietas with master teacher plants for our small, intimate group. Pablo is well-known for his clarity of heart, energetic scans, effectiveness in healing chronic illnesses, and beautiful songs. Over the 7 nights, we will enter into a deeply held healing space with teacher plants and partake in 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies, integrating along the way with breathwork, yoga, group circles, and other embodied practices.


The Retreat

We invite you to join us at the beautiful Haramara Retreat, boutique jungle retreat center and sanctuary, for an intimate 7-night Shipibo dieta. The highly respected Maestro Pablo Bardales will be journeying from the Amazon to open master plant dietas. Over the course of this retreat, we will be under Pablo's guidance and protection as we consume a teacher plant daily, partake in 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies, and integrate through breathwork, yoga, group processes, and somatics.

Our retreat is distinct . . .

This will be a small group experience of around 10 selected participants to deepen the healing work and allow individual access to our guides. Pablo will sing to each person individually during the ceremony nights and oversee your process during the day. Between ceremonies, you will have access to support through our integration staff and resources. We have designed this small group to be distinct from many other Ayahuasca retreats: guided by a gifted indigenous curandero with a lifetime of dedicated experience, highly personalized, chronic illness and trauma-informed, versatile, and with extensive integration support to access deeper layers and hold your process.


  • 7 nights of deep initiation work with a tailored Master Plant dieta

  • 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Personalized icaros healing sessions, energy scans, mapacho clearings + arkana protection

  • Individual meetings with Maestro Pablo + confidential translation services

  • Preparatory (30-minute session) + follow-up (60-minute session) somatic integration

  • Breathwork, yoga, guided meditations + flower baths

  • Inner-Alchemy workshops for processing and a 6-week integration program

  • Accommodations at Haramara Retreat and chef-prepared mindful, organic dieta cuisine


Dieta Plants Offered

You are welcome to select a teacher plant with whom you would like to work. Alternatively, you can consult with us to recommend a plant based on your intentions and symptoms. 


Ajo Sacha

  • Cleanses digestive system, parasites, viruses

  • Heals fevers/colds/headaches

  • Purifies the body + energetic systems, extracts bad luck

  • Strengthens body and spirit, teaches self-esteem and self-love


Piñon Colorado

  • Used for headaches, wounds + poisoning

  • Detoxifies

  • Cleanses heavy energies

  • Provides + teaches spiritual protection, explains roots of energetic knots



  • Cleanses blood

  • Heals heart-related issues

  • Balances nervous system

  • Opens the heart, heals wounds + strengthens interpersonal relationships

  • Calms and cleanses the mind and brain



  • Cleanses digestive system

  • Floods the body with light

  • Strong protector

  • Note: it is said that when the dieter is healed, the bark of this tree used to make the tea will grow back


Chiric Sanango

  • Used for arthritis + rheumatism

  • Heals flus/colds

  • Soothes chronic pain + nervous system

  • Cools the body

  • Dream enhancer + encourages bravery



  • Calms stress hormones + settles mind-body after chronic stress

  • Anti-inflammatory + heals digestion troubles

  • Unites the heart and mind

  • Connects you to your unique essence


Shipibo Dietas

The Shipibo tradition is an indigenous lineage of the Amazon that uses Ayahuasca in tandem with other plants for healing. Traditionally, the curandero will drink Ayahuasca to see the energies causing sickness in someone, prescribe other plants for healing, and use their icaros (chants and songs) to discharge the energy. Each person will work with a plant who, alongside Ayahuasca, heals you and teaches you to heal others through the specific plant's capabilities and song.

Dietas are an opportunity to learn from the plants and receive deep healing. The dieta experience is quite distinct from other ceremonies, as you will also have the guardianship and healing force of another plant spirit. You will walk the rest of your life with this allyship.

Please note that this will likely feel very distinct from other ceremonial work with Ayahuasca. Master Plants have been used for thousands of years for their potent healing capabilities that treat a wide array of illnesses. They instill the wisdom, power, and awareness to heal yourself. When the dieta is opened, you are also opened to the plant consciousness. During ceremony, Pablo will encourage and direct the plants with his icaros, mapacho (sacred tobacco), and the perfume Agua de Florida. You may feel very energetically sensitive, tired, sore, angry, loving, serene, and/or highly aware as you heal. Trauma may emerge and discharge. This is deeply intensive work that requires a commitment and willingness to listen to your plant.

Dietas can traditionally last from a few weeks to a few years if the dieter is training in curanderismo. Pablo has agreed to open the dieta for 7 nights and focus the process for deep, transformational healing. This includes 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies and daily intake of your plant. If there is a night you don't wish to drink Ayahuasca, you can still sit in ceremony and receive healing from Pablo's songs. During our first night of ceremony, Pablo opens the dieta. On our final night of ceremony, he places an arkana (protection) around you to close the dieta and initiate the integration process.


Other Offerings


Integration brings ceremonial work into embodiment and practice. Included in the price is a 30-minute preparation call and 60-minute follow-up call to ensure you are supported beyond our time in the dieta. Other integrative practices, intention building, group circles, and individual heart-to-hearts will be woven into the retreat. Additional integration packages available upon request.


Finding stillness allows us to rejuvenate and practice the art of focus, which trains us for ceremony. We will gather together each day for group healing meditations concentrating on relaxation and centering. We will utilize a variety of techniques such as guided visualization, somatic presence, mindfulness, conscious movement, and toning.


Kambo is a potent frog secretion medicine. Although Kambo is not used in the Shipibo tradition, it will be offered for an additional cost on the first morning prior to opening the dieta. It is recommended as a way to cleanse, detoxify, and move stagnant energies before embarking on the dieta journey.


Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful process to release trauma so that we can open into clearer consciousness and love. Breathwork during this dieta is specifically designed for integration: it brings messages and insights from the subconscious into awareness in union with the medicines. Private breathwork sessions are available upon request.


Flower baths are an important aspect of Shipibo healing culture. They are a gentle tool used to cleanse and bring in sweetness after a purge. Working with flower allies imprints your energetic field with protection. 


Our supporters offers a range of holistic massages and bodywork. Free time will be available should you wish to schedule a treatment during the week to relax, move energies, and settle into the body.


Yoga sessions will incorporate breath, meditation, and gentle movement to help soothe your energy and heart, foster the ease of presence, and support the integration process. Our approach is trauma-informed, and these practices are designed to support your connection with the vast inner resources within.


A specially curated workbook will accompany you on your journey during and after the dieta to facilitate your inner process and integration. The guide acts as a map to orient your inquiry into the intersecting aspects of self and deepen your process. You will return home with a 6-week program to continue and deepen the work.


Immerse yourself in our home for the week with the jungle, ocean, and spirit of Tulum. Should you wish to explore a bit further in your free time, Jungle Keva offers off-site adventures, like excursions to the sacred waters of a cenote, paddleboarding on a lagoon, or floating through the Sian Ka'an biosphere.


Your Guides


Maestro Pablo Bardales

Shipibo Onánya

Maestro Pablo Bardales is an indigenous Shipibo curandero who lives in Atalaya, Peru. Pablo has been dieting with plants almost his entire life and has been singing in ceremony since adolescence. He lives with his wife, children, and extended family in the Amazon, where he works as a healer for locals and is building his own healing center to receive people for dietas. Pablo is extraordinarily humble and compassionate, and his deep connection to the plant spirit world is clear through his healing talents and strong icaros.

Paige DiPrete

Guide + Facilitator

Paige DiPrete is the founder of Wild Moon Medicine and guide into expanded states of consciousness through breathwork, sacred medicines, and somatic integration. Her initiation into the path of sacred plants began in her early twenties when she was seeking healing for chronic Lyme disease. As a graduate candidate in East-West Psychology and Psychedelic Studies, her work brings together modern trauma science and spiritual healing informed by apprenticeship in multiple Amazonian lineages. She leads ceremonies, retreats, and trainings aligned in safety, compassion, depth, and reciprocity.


Lindsay Rider

Guide + Facilitator

Lindsay is the founder of 6 Seeds Integration, an Integrative Health Coach (MA), and a graduate student in Psychedelic Studies. Her personal passion for exploration has inspired her journeys far and wide, deepening her connection with the natural world including work with visionary plant medicines and traditional ways of healing. Her work includes holding space for others to do and know the same. She specializes in supporting people to deepen their understanding of themselves and to collaboratively create pathways to apply what they learn along the way. 

Other Supporters

Other supporters present include guides in breathwork, yoga, meditation, holistic psychotherapy, and bodywork.


Sample Schedule

*Schedule subject to change.

7am - 8am: Fruit + tea

8am - 9am: Movement practice

9am - 10am: Breakfast

10:30am - 12pm: Integration circle + inner-alchemy practice

​12:30pm - 1:30pm: Lunch

- Rest, free time, individual integration -

5pm - 6pm: Breathwork

8pm: Ceremony


Accommodations + Pricing

Haramara Retreat: peaceful, pure, and simple.


Described as the place “where Robinson Crusoe meets Architectural Digest”, Haramara Retreat is a magical and idyllic place created and designed to provide a natural and supportive environment for groups, couples and individuals to relax, renew and restore well-being.

Haramara is located in the breathtaking coastal Riviera Nayarit near the fishing village and surfing town of Sayulita. Nestled above Pacific Ocean on 12 private acres of tropical jungle with a private and pristine beach, Haramara (“Mother Sea”) is an exclusive and intimate seaside yoga resort offering sensual tropical harmony to every guest, along with superior yoga and wellness experiences. The magnificent 360-degree view yoga pavilions, with their high thatched roofs and handcrafted hardwood floors, have been positioned to take advantage of the panoramic views of lush mountains and while taking advantage of the soothing ocean breezes. The restaurant offers exceptional, creative, local cuisine that includes fresh and delicious mostly organic gourmet meals. The open aired spa facility puts you back in touch with nature, as you are pampered body and spirit. The pool is an outstanding feature: an infinity over the Pacific.

The sleeping cabaña experience is enhanced without electricity allowing the illumination of oil lamps and candles leaving behind the tedious demands of our electronic age. The cabañas have been designed with your comfort in mind. Enjoy the rustic luxury of any one of the spacious cabañas, which feature comfortable beds with hand woven sheets, gauzy sheer curtains to filter the sunlight and oil lamps and candles for softly lit evenings. Most cabañas have private hammocks for lazy afternoon naps. Each cabaña has its own unique and individually designed private bathroom with hot water, monogrammed towels and an open air shower with a view.

All the details . . . 

What's included:

  • 7 nights accommodation at Haramara Retreat

  • Master Plant dieta + 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Personalized icaros healing sessions, energy scans, mapacho clearings + arkana protection

  • Individual meetings with Maestro Pablo + confidential translation services

  • Preparatory (30-minute session) + follow-up (60-minute session) somatic integration

  • All meals

  • Daily practices: guided meditations, breathwork, integration circles, yoga

  • Inner-Alchemy workshops for processing + integration guidebook program

What's not included:

  • Flights

  • Airport transfer

  • Additional food + drinks

  • $400 medicine fee to be paid in cash

  • Trip insurance

Room options + rates