How you breathe can be an indicator of how you live. There is often an unconscious pattern of holding back the breath, controlling the exhale, or forcing the breath. When awareness is brought to the breath, space is made for surrender and deepening into the natural, cyclic, and clearing process. Stresses, traumas, and entangled patterns may surface and release.

Breathwork is a gentle and safe process of accessing the subconscious mind to bring awareness and insights to the surface. We hold onto trauma somatically, so we are able to uncover these energies through the breath by stimulating the vagus nerve and activating the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Using a conscious, connected method, breathwork returns us to our essence and opens the heart into compassion. It is a practice of softening into parts of the self that may be tensed and suppressed, as well as activating expanded states of consciousness. Alongside the breath, engaging in gentle inquiry processes can unravel trauma around birth, childhood, relationships, sexuality, boundaries, and core fears. Awareness of these resonances can make space to breathe deeper into life.

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Private sessions are the foundation of this work. Each 2-hour session includes discussion, breathing, and integration. It is recommended that after your first session, you commit to a series of 6 sessions so that we can build trust, integrate changes into your life, and experience cumulative results.

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Yoga Class


Group breathwork ceremonies are a transformational opportunity to show up, be met, and breathe. The experience includes 1.5-hours of somatic workshops, movement, breath, and heart sharing. Psycho-spiritual themes and connections are explored with restorative practices, energy attunement, music, and counseling processes.

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Breathing in the water is conducted once you are familiar and comfortable with breathwork. Breathing through a snorkel while fully supported allows a profound release of birth trauma, reliving of womb experiences, or reaching transcendent meditative states. By moderating variables like water temperature, we can facilitate the cellular release of deeply rooted traumas that may otherwise be difficult to access.


During the process, the breather lays back and breathes through the mouth in a circular, intentional, and continuous pattern.

Possible experiences through breathwork include visionary activation through a natural DMT release, awareness and softening of tension held in the body, and a deeply introspective state. At times when energies are moving, the body may release through crying, shaking, or clenching of the hands or jaw. You are supported through the process and gently guided with other modalities including:

  • somatic practices for resourcing and trauma-release

  • activation of and working with the subtle body

  • engagement with the senses through sacred herbs and flowers, medicinal music, orienting, and self-soothe

  • therapeutic processes


After breathwork, many report feeling a greater sense of aliveness, connection, and self-love.



At the beginning of the session, we spend about 45-minutes grounding and discussing your birth, childhood, family patterns, and how you are. We will explore patterns manifesting in your life and set intentions for the session or series.



The 1-hour breath portion of the session opens with somatic practices to settle into awareness, activation of the subtle body through vocal toning, and gentle balancing of the energetic field. You are guided and held as you journey deeper and we engage with fragrance, sacred herbs, and medicinal music.



Our session closes with ritual that may include floral waters and sacred tobacco for grounding, clearing, and balancing. Kinesthetic awareness practices, cranial and self-soothe gentle touch, intuitive and guided movement, and engagement with the senses can support you to softly come home to the body. We discuss ways to support your process until the next session.

To arrange a session or learn more, please reserve a time slot or contact me to schedule a consultation.