paige diprete


Paige DiPrete is the founder of Wild Moon Medicine and guide into expanded states of consciousness through breathwork, sacred medicines, and somatic integration. Her initiation into the path of sacred plants began in her early twenties when she was seeking healing for chronic Lyme disease. She has traveled throughout Central and South America, the U.S., and Asia learning and becoming a carrier of ancient healing medicines and traditions. Holding a BS from Georgetown University and as a candidate for a MA in East-West Psychology and certificate in Somatic Experiencing, her work brings together modern trauma science and spiritual healing informed by apprenticeship in multiple Amazonian lineages. She leads ceremonies, retreats, and trainings aligned in safety, compassion, depth, and reciprocity.


Healing Modalities

  • Kambo - Matses lineage, various global teachers

  • Apprenticeship at plant medicine retreat center + Shipibo tradition

  • Systemic Family Constellations

  • Clarity Breathwork

  • Axiatonal Alignment

  • Reiki - Usui & Intuitive lineages

Additional Courses, Trainings + Workshops

  • The Fundamentals of Psychedelics - Synthesis Institute

  • When the Body Says No - Dr. Gabor Maté

  • Wholehearted: Healing Trauma & Addiction - Dr. Gabor Maté

  • Expressive Arts for Trauma Repair + Resilience - Cathy Malchiodi

  • Sacred Wounds: Trauma Healing on the Spiritual Path - Dr. Peter Levine

  • Terrapsychology - Dr. Craig Chalquist

  • Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness - Dr. Susana Bustos

  • Archetypal Psychology + Astrology - CIIS

education + training

my approach

I am a lover of the Earth, the stars, and everything between and beyond.

Each person is their own healer; I am here to be of service by holding a safe, compassionate space. I recognize the brilliance of wholeness within each person and trust that as we awaken deeper into our essence, we can heal ourselves and the world. As a child, I was brought to my knees by chronic disease diagnosed as many things (eventually Neurological Lyme disease). My healing journey introduced me to plant medicines, breathwork, and somatic therapies. I believe that there is a potentiality for the symptoms, the feelings, and the pain to be the very medicine you and the Earth seek. As Thomas Moore says, "You don't cure the disease; the disease cures you."

I trust the body. I believe in vitality. I am an ocean for suffering to know itself and rest in the cosmic heart that can hold all pain.

My healing path has been raw, humbling, empowering, and magical. I trust that there is a nourishing authenticity in allowing ourselves to exist in our wildness, and this informs my work and space through intuition, embodiment, and inclusion. Like the spider labors in the dark, I work in the realms of the unconscious to bring into awareness the patterns and sticky entanglements that cause suffering. Together, we unravel the imprints of thoughts, memories, emotions, and energies to weave a more awakened presence.